Stone Lumps

About Stone Lumps

Carved from metamorphic rock, these smooth and lustrous spheres captivate with a kaleidoscope of colors and intricate patterns. From classic white Carrara marble vibrant onyx, each variety tells a unique geological tale. Used in construction, sculpture, and interior design, marbles not only lend a touch of luxury but also embody durability and sophistication.

Marble is known for its ability to take a high polish, giving it a glossy and reflective surface.

It is important to consider the hardness and porosity of the marble when selecting it for various applications.

The level of porosity varies among different types of marble, affecting its susceptibility to moisture absorption.

The density of marble varies depending on its specific type and mineral composition and influences its weight.

Marble exhibits a wide range of colors and more depending on the minerals present during its formation.

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of calcite or dolomite minerals.

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